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Wasatch Firearm Network Rules


Private sales with a resident of another state is illegal.

  1. Only private sales between residents of the same state without an FFL transfer.
  2. Only firearms related items and services are allowed to be posted to our gun classifieds.
  3. Items and services unrelated to firearms must have explicit permission prior to posting.
  4. No self-loaded ammo, EXCEPT when included in a sale and clearly marked.
  5. No ISO (in search of) ads.
  6. No trades of non-firearm related items or services.
  7. Out of state purchases must be transferred through licensed FFL dealers in Utah and your home state. 

 *When purchasing a gun out of state, it is the buyer’s responsibility to know their state laws for transfers and to make sure all state laws are followed. A background check is required at pickup.

Please delete sold ads after 7 days.

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