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Wasatch Firearm Network Rules

  1. All firearms must be shipped to your local FFL Dealer for pickup where a background check will be performed.
  2. All items including regulated items such as primers, powder, and ammunition must be shipped following all state and federal guidelines.
  3. Only firearms related items and services, prepping and survival are allowed on our site. All other items and services must have explicit permission prior to posting.
  4. NO SELF LOADED AMMUNITION IS ALLOWED. All ammunition must be factory loaded. All ammunition companies must have all applicable licenses and insurance required to load and sell ammunition to the public.
  5. No ISO (in search of) ads.

 * When purchasing a firearm or any other item on our site, it is the buyers responsibility to make sure they are in compliance with all state and federal laws regarding the possession, shipping, and transfer of ownership for these items.

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By adding a listing, you accept the following:

*Wasatch Firearm Network, LLC and its affiliates are not responsible for any bodily injury, bodily harm, or accidental deaths that occur by misusing any product sold on our site. Any injury or death occurring from a product purchased on Wasatch Firearm Network, LLC or its affiliates is the responsibility of the purchaser. All products sold on Wasatch Firearm Network, LLC are intended for self defense, or other lawful purpose. Wasatch  Firearm  Network, LLC and its affiliates assume no responsibility. By using this site I agree to follow all state and federal laws, including possession, shipping, and if necessary,  transfer of ownership of any item I acquire on Wasatch Firearm Network, LLC. I also agree I am a person legally allowed to buy, sell, and possess firearms.

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