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Wasatch Firearm Network FFL Dealer Terms & Conditions

How to sell on Wasatch Firearm Network as a licensed FFL Dealer. 
Wasatch Firearm Network is not a marketplace retailer. All firearms sold by licensed dealers must be shipped to Wasatch Firearm Network at 1320 W 600 N SLC, UT 84116. To sell for free on Wasatch Firearm Network licensed dealers must include the costs of shipping to our location and our flat fee of 3% We will verify the Firearm is ready to ship to us. Once verified, you can withdraw the amount the item was listed for minus our 3%.

1-All firearms sold on Wasatch Firearm Network must be part of existing inventory. No out of inventory items or items on backorder can be sold on Wasatch Firearm Network.

2- All firearms must be shipped to Wasatch Firearm Network at 1320 W 600 N SLC, UT 84116 within 2 business days with tracking information included.
FFL Dealers must pay the initial shipping costs. If added into the price, costs of shipping will be paid by the buyer.

3- If the item is unavailable or for any reason cannot be shipped to Wasatch Firearm Network within 3 business days, the FFL Dealer agrees to reimburse Wasatch Firearm Network any credit card fees associated with returning the funds to the buyer.

4- Wasatch Firearm Network has customer reviews for each transaction. Any seller who falls below an 80% positive review rate must go through which holds the money in escrow until the buyer receives the firearm with a 3 day guarantee until positive customer reviews are above 80%

5- All FFL Dealers selling on Wasatch Firearm Network agree to work with unsatisfied customers with Wasatch Firearm Network as a mediary to resolve customer satisfaction issues.